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Project Types

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Fashion Editorial modelling is highly artistic and glamorous. Models pose for high-end fashion magazines and luxury brands and must have a unique and striking look that captures the audience's attention. A strong presence in front of the camera and the ability to adapt to different styles and themes is what Editorial Modelling is all about. 

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​Parts modelling

involves showcasing specific body parts such as hands, feet, or hair for advertisements or product catalogs. Models in this field should have a particular feature that is unique and attractive.

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​Catalog modelling is a more commercial form of modelling that requires models to showcase products for companies in print or online catalogs. Catalog models should have a natural and approachable look and be able to convey the benefits and features of the product they are showcasing.

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Beauty modelling

focuses on cosmetics and skincare products, and models in this field should have a flawless complexion and a natural beauty look. Beauty models may be featured in advertisements or on the packaging of beauty products.

Commercial advertisements models in television commercials or print ads promoting products or services.

These models should be relatable to a broad audience and have a diverse range of looks and ages.

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